Facts to Note About Attitude Indicators


For the initial attitude instruments, it is necessary to mention that its original name was artificial horizon. As days moved, the name later changed to gyro horizon. Today, it is known as the attitude indicator. Attitude indicator is a mechanism that operates and has a small brass wheel accompanied by a spin axis that is vertical. It is usually spun at a faster speed which can either be electronic motor or stream of air that has been impinged on cuts of buckets. To ensure that the aircraft will pitch as well as roll, the gyro will always be mounted in a multiple gimbles. There is a disk that is horizontal in shape that will be attached to these gimbles. The purpose of this is to ensure that it remains at a similar plane as that of gyro. In the older days, this was seen as a bar which represented the horizon. However, today, it is seen as that line which will represent the horizon and also the bank angle lines as well as the pitch marks. The color of half of the instrument at the top and the horizon itself is blue which will represent the sky. On the bottom side, you need to know that the color is brown which is use to represent ground. You will see the instrument appearing flying towards horizon due to the symbolic aircraft that is mounted on it. The rising as well as the lowering of the aircraft will be possible due to the presence of a knob that is always at the center Just at the bottom of the instrument case. Be sure to learn more here!



So that attitude indicator from this website can work in the right way, it is necessary for the gyro to be vertically upright ad at the same time, the aircraft should roll as well as pitch around the gyro. There is minimal friction at the bearings of the instruments. However, there will still be restrain that will be placed on the gyro which will result to the production of procession and this led to the tilting of the gyro. To ensure that tilting is minimized.


There will be a mechanism that will erect in the instrument case which will apply force whenever the gyro tilts. The action of this force is in a way that the spinning wheel will be returned to the upright position. There will be no errors on the attitude indicators, however, this will always depend on the speed that the erection system works. Know more about planes at https://www.britannica.com/technology/aircraft

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